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We will even give you a FREE site evaluation if you are transferring your existing site to IFX!



IFX is NOW offering its Automatic Backup Software FREE when you sign up for one of our IFX Backup Packages!

IFX Backup provides a safe secure backup that gives you piece of mind in the event of data loss! Don't let theft, data corruption or unforeseen circumstances keep your business OFFLINE!



About IlluminationsFX

IlluminationsFX has been associated with the web design / hosting business since 1998. IFX is the evolution of a business built by two friends that was initially just a web design company. During this time we were a reseller for a hosting company and were able to give our customers a complete package from design to hosting.

Over time the owners of that business, known as SmiJen, developed their own sets of skills and expertise. With that and having to rely on someone else to host our web design work we decided to split the business, one producing web sites and web content and the other becoming a web hosting business. That is when IFX was born. We provide top notch hosting service with 99% uptime and fair, affordable pricing. While we still do some website development, we forward most work to our sister company, Jenerationz.

In 2006 IFX took the next step in providing our clients new and old with what we believe is an important part of our hosting solution offerings. IFXBackup allows you to backup your local content, compressed and encrypted, to an online storage area. Giving YOU the ability to quickly bounce back from lost data due to fire, theft, virus damage and a host of unforeseeable accidents that could loose your important documents and files.

When shopping around for web hosting services it is very important to know that IFX does NOT "oversell" servers. Overselling is the practice of over extending the servers space in order to put more clients on a single server. This practice makes more money for the Hosting provider, but in the end hurts the client with downtime and in most cases problems with slow response from the server. Here at IFX we are honest with our hosting servers. Sure, we might make less money by keeping to the servers storage capacity, but in the end we get to keep our customers on solid reliable servers with little downtime.

IFX is your one stop solution for domain registration and hosting of your online presence. At IFX we will ALWAYS strive to satisfy, YOU, the customer and we appreciate the business you bring to us.


Whatever your hosting needs, we've got it COVERED!