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What is Overselling?

When shopping around for web hosting services it is very important to know that IFX does NOT "oversell" servers!

Overselling is the practice of over extending the servers space in order to put more clients on a single server. For instance, say a server holds 160GB of data and the company is offering 50GB accounts for $6.99. That would mean that they could get THREE clients on that server without overselling the server. Now we won't insult your intelligence, but as you can see, there is NO WAY for this company to make money without overselling.

By overselling a company can put more clients on the server because clients more than likely wont be using 50GB all at once. What if a client or clients on the server do use their limit? Well, basically the server will start to have problems. To fix this companies that oversell just shift the person that is using their storage limit to another server. This could mean downtime for that account and/or downtime for all the other users of the server.

So you see, this practice makes more money for the Hosting provider, but in the end hurts the client with downtime and in most cases problems with slow response from the server. Here at IFX we are honest with our hosting servers, charging FAIR and REALISTIC fees. Sure, we might make less money by keeping to the servers storage capacity, but in the end we get to keep our customers on solid reliable servers with little downtime.



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